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I originally posted this on the Holdover Forum and received a lot of positive responses.

Custom Targets – Duck Shoot The regular resolution Birdseye maps show you the cuts and clearings, and the high resolution can show individual trees. April 8, at They are in PDF format to ensure that they print to downloqd.

Targets You Can Make

Corded Airgun Targets Another new type of target just coming off the CNC Machine. Watch this space for more updates. Cordless Resetting Airgun Target The free targets below are all printable and downloadable. There will be a printer icon in the top left corner. One of my personal favorites http: Either one will open the file in a new window or tab, ready for printing. In order to allow time for restocking and delivery the last reasonable date you can order with a pwllet to receive the targets in the UK by Christmas is Friday 16th December.

The workshopoffice space for Gr8fun Targets has more than doubled allowing more stock to be stored ready to go out. January 5 new paper targets are now available! Making the UKs widest range of airgun targets. HOME The free targets below are all printable and downloadable.

Airgun Targets 4 Free Target Printable

Sighting in a big game rifle this way will achieve a gun’s maximum usable range without having to hold high on the animal and without the bullet rising unreasonably above the line-of-sight. Pellet Drop-Zeroing Card Target We hope to move in early in the New Year.

Mobile Friendly Zen cart templates by Picaflor Azul. Custom Targets – Fish in Here are some tips to consider for printing targets: Measured Grid Printing Tips.

June 4, at 3: OK, the duck is more of a rubber duck than a mallard, but it is still gr8fun to shoot! We are in talks with a manufacturer of a range of REALLY cool airgun targets that will complement our existing range of airgun targets, and provide hours and hours of destructive fun!

Demand has increased massively. I also have experience using a friends Garmin HCx so I will make some comparisons along the way.

It did take about three taegets to load all of Washington and about a third of Oregon. Don’t forget, we are on both Facebook and Twitter where news of the very latest airgun targetsair pistol targetsair rifle targets and developments, free giveaways and special offers are published on a weekly basis.

There are now the: Here it is again for the Airgun Nation members. After selecting a category and proceeding to that page, you will see a small view of all of the available targets in that category.

It was one of “nced” targets that he posted.