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Hamilton fan so I feel bad giving a not so great review.

Laurell K. Hamilton books read online free – Free Vampire Books

This is pretty much the highlight of the book, there isnt much conflict kiss. I don’t think this book was even edited. Then kiss the dead laurell k hamilton pdf download quick wrap up ending. Open Preview See a Problem? Seriously, where are her editors in all this? It looks like a sentence that was run through Google Translate a few times, from English to Thai to Flemish to Portuguese to Farsi and back to English again. She did not resolve any of the emotional conflicts she had with her lovers – the drama continued and was not much different than how it was 2 or 3 books ago.

View all 8 comments. Anita gets hit in the face, and everyone is sad that she can’t perform oral sex for a while.

There can be no other explanation. There was hardly any character development, other than that we saw some growth in Cynric a. What do you think should happen in this book?

Kiss the Dead – Wikipedia

Is this some kind of trashy reality show? I am a huge Anita Blake fan and have read the entire series. Swat trusts her, her men trust her, the community trusts her, the vamps fear her. I feel like I missed fhe. In the end, once my anger diminished, I changed my mind and went back to finish it. Sep 23, Magda rated it it was ok Shelves: Two hours before sunset!

Everything I have to come to hate about this Zerbrowski kiss the dead laurell k hamilton pdf download Anita are now basically working as partners. A basic page count breakdown goes like this: Books by Laurell K. View all 75 comments. Yet the villain never once appears in the book. Ghe face already held that darkness, that surety that most men’s eyes get at some point when the clothes are coming off and the sex is happening.

Angst should not fill up this many pages. Kiss the Dead Book Heave a tired sigh and walk away. Also by book 21 I dont need to kiss the dead laurell k hamilton pdf download the thhe of characters height, hair color, eye color, body shape over and over and over again.

I grew attached to the characters and the story and was thoroughly invested with these books until it just got to the point that I couldn’t read them without wanting to stab myself in the eye or tear my hair out, or both.

It’s just some paint flecks.

So, this is really a 2 star for the porn part. The Marshall job, anyway. I have waited a long time for this new installment in Anita Blake series.

Laurell K. Hamilton

I apologize if I have offended anyone who may be a huge fan of the series or LKH’s works. First of all, no, that is not the question.

Recommended hamiltno readers who want to read about poly relationships that work and ones that are a train wreck. Really, how anyone can read this and not understand why she needs to kiss the dead laurell k hamilton pdf download a new editor saw on her blog she actually DOES have one, though how much she lets her editor actually EDIT is suspectand stop writing this series until she knows what the fuck she wants to do with it is beyond me.

I spoke too soon when in my last review for this series I said it seemed like LKH would get past the “let’s add in a sex scene, just because we can!

I’m not being a prude about it, but I hate that she is constantly surrounded by all these characters that I literally cannot even remember from past books even though they’ve obviously been mentioned. I will never, never, ever bother reading another of the Anita books. An angry cop tries to take a swing at some vampires that have been arrested. I don’t even recognize Anita anymore.

The central conflict in this story was laughable at best.