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Magnets attached to a vehicle’s fuel line have been claimed to improve fuel economy by aligning fuel molecules, but because motor fuels are non-polarno magnetic fuel saver pdf download alignment or other magnetic effect on the fuel is possible.

One reason that ineffective fuel saving gadgets are popular is the difficulty of accurately measuring small changes in the fuel economy of a vehicle.


These ufel fuel heaters and devices to increase or decrease turbulence in the intake manifold. Therefore the actual efficacy is still limited. Sectional Drawing of the working state of air hose.

Magnetic fuel saver pdf download designers are currently confronting serious challenges related to the reduction of emissions in ICE by refining their fuel consumption and performance.

List of topics characterized as pseudoscience. The principle of the new and practical ppdf. In some versions of the story, he is claimed to have been killed by the government.

As illustrated in drawing 2the actual condition of a high intensity magnetic field axle-free turbo fuel saver mounted in the Air hose.

Each cut is bending inwardly and forms the vanes of the turbo At the circular edge of one end of the cylinder there are at least several oblique cuts with equal distance between them.

Fuel saving device

As illustrated in drawing 3the plastic bearing consists of inner rim 7outer rim 8 and ball 9. The fixed cushion is fixed in magnetic fuel saver pdf download Air hose. The cuts are bending toward the internal direction and are formed into vanes. The Permanent Magnet can also be designed as a group of magnets.

The magnetic field of the Permanent Magnet is used for the Air hose.

But as for existing turbo fuel savers, axle and a fiel are installed in the central section of the air hose to support the turbo. Devices have been marketed which bleed a small amount of air into the fuel line before the carburetor.

It does not only improve the pressure increasing effect of the turbine but also improves the pressure increasing efficacy of the turbine. The show noted that out of fuel efficiency devices tested by the EPA, only seven showed any improvement in efficiency, and even then, the improvement was never more than six percent. US USA1 en The bearing has an inner and an outer rim. This formula expresses the theoretical efficiency of a petrol engine: The show tested the hypothesis that a car with a carburetor type gasoline engine can maynetic on hydrogen gas alone, which was confirmed as viable, although the high cost of hydrogen gas as well as storage difficulties currently prohibit widespread adoption.

As there is a larger empty space inside the Axle-free turbo 6powerful circular movement of air and air pressure magnetic fuel saver pdf download created by the high speed spinning air coming from the axle-free turbine 6dkwnload the same time the powerful circulating air is sufficiently atomized through the high magnetic field cross and finally was blown into the engine cylinders, which expedites the burning speed of gasoline or diesel, and increases the completeness of the gasoline or diesel burning.

In brief, this proposal is to utilize the combination of turbo pressure-increasing and magnetic air intaking technology to process the magnetic fuel saver pdf download in the air hose.

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Archived from the original PDF on Either engine control units are reprogrammed to operate more efficiently, [23] or sensors that influence the ECU’s operation are modified or ‘simulated’ to cause it to operate in a more efficient manner. Downllad tested, typical magnet devices had no magnetic fuel saver pdf download on vehicle performance or economy.

The invention provides a high intensity magnetic field Axle-free turbo fuel saver.

The fuel saver is suitable for internal-combustion engine, like the engines of motor-driven vehicles using either gasoline or diesel. Archived from the original on May 22, Also, observer-expectancy effect can result in a user subconsciously altering driving habits.

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Such alterations to the drive systems for alternators or air conditioning compressors rather than the power steering pump, for example can be detrimental to vehicle usability e. A high intensity magnetic field axle-free turbo fuel saver and a sacer intensity magnetic field magnetizer are installed one after the other in the air hose magnetic fuel saver pdf download the oil filter of the engine using either gasoline or diesel.

Retrieved from ” https: However, the device actually made the car less fuel efficient.