Given the above enhancements on the architecture, the cores were minimally modified and are based on the K8 instead of the K10 microarchitecture. Intel Xeon E 2. There are over 1, individual CPUs compared in this table. Intel Pentium Dual T 1. Intel Xeon W 2. AMD Phenom X3

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Intel Celeron M MHz. Launched inthe initial platform for mobile AMD processors consists of:. Turion X2 RM [2].

List of AMD mobile microprocessors

Intel Core i7 K 2. Intel Core i7 S 2. Intel Core iM 1. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Intel Core2 Extreme X amd turion ii p540. Intel Core2 Duo P 2. Views Read Edit View history. This data comes from the crowd-sourced “PassMark” benchmarking utility.

Intel Core i7 U 1. Intel Core i5 3. Intel Pentium P pp540. Intel Core iQM 2.

Intel Celeron T 2. Intel Core i7 QM 1.

Intel Core i7 X 3. Intel Core i7-QM 2. Intel Core iK 3. Intel Core2 Duo U 1.

AMD Turion – Wikipedia

Intel Core i7 LM 2. Intel Core2 Duo T 3. Intel Pentium B 2. Intel Pentium 4 Mobile 2. Intel Pentium 5 2.

Intel Atom D 1. Intel Core Duo T 1. BL – Apr 05 amd turion ii p540 Turion X2 Ultra ZM [2]. Clock xmd range from 2. AMD Phenom X3 B0 [ citation needed ]. List of AMD Turion microprocessors.

Intel Celeron M 1. Intel Core2 Duo P 1.

Argus informatique PC

Intel Core2 Extreme Q 3. Intel Xeon X 2. Pentium Dual-Core E 3. Intel Core i 3. Intel Core2 U 1. Athlon Dual Core e. Intel Celeron D 1. Take for instance, an MT ad an ML The release of the Turion II Ultra and Turion Amd turion ii p540 lineups have simplified name methodology; all newly released Turions have the letter “M” followed by a number designating relative performance.

Intel Core2 E 2. List of AMD microprocessors. Intel Core i3 UM 1. Retrieved from ” https: This page amd turion ii p540 last edited on 11 Septemberat