Thanks for the assistance!!! Or should i simply call the acer company on the phone to actualy fix it so i wont have the problems again? My power plugin is not responding unless i wiggle it to a certaint spot, but everytime when the power cord is not respinding a send it in to get fixed since its under warinty. Is it completely blank or you can see a dim image? Neil Hahn…If your is the same as the NR11s, the you should remove the heat sink and fan to get access to the power jack assembly.

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Look at the step The thing is after my second one all my other chargers my current one is my 5th one stop working after 2 months!!!

The LAN card got fried by a nearby lightning strike over a year ago. The battery is sony vaio vgn nr220e so its not the battery. After I lost my 1st charger, I bought a generic one. Could you show me how to open a power charger? Is rn220e an alternative to a new charger?

Battery not charging if connector moved | Laptop Repair

I plugged in a cheap usb mouse rather than reopen the chassis again. Thanks for these instructions! Is it more likely that the problem is with the jack? It does not seem to be an overheating problem because I clean out nr220e fins with an air cannister regularily. Greg October 19, So after step 17, keep sony vaio vgn nr220e as mentioned by others, if you want to reset the bios.

Also, I nr20e it still could be related to the power adapter. I was able to unplug and replug the white connector from the CMOS battery without fully releasing the motherboard from the chassis. Do not separate it from the connector base. It depends what laptop you have. Steve Metcalf February 19, If the laptop runs fine from AC adapter sony vaio vgn nr220e battery removed, most likely the AC adapter operates properly.

Any tips before I brave opening it up? OAR February 22, I got 6 years out of the original setup and hope to get another few years out of this upgrade.

Where would I be able to get a DC-in harness that would be suitable for my laptop? Can you help me in this fault Thanks. Remove the memory cover and remove the model. In all my readings no one talked about the center pin, ie i have a barrel connector with the outside being ground, the inner sleave being around I would like to have the schematic for my Presario m cto laptop.

The sony vaio vgn nr220e only works at a particular angle. This guide was superb! Finally found a useful guide to remove my sony vaio vgn nr220e hard drive. With our help, your equipment will function properly!

The one of my doughter want start up again. If you think your problem related to the Baio adapter, next time make sure to buy the original factory replacement, not just a compatible third party adapter. Laptop chargers not designed for repair.

This laptop has a power problem. Skip to Main Content. We have more than Michelle Hann February 13, Thanks for any ssony. Is there any way i can find where the problem is? Nr220ee power problem solved on sony vaio sony vaio vgn nr220e thanks for your tip.

I had this problem before and dell sent me a new adapter. This is NOT on the side shown in step I managed to get the new hard disk in within 20 minutes; installing new OS as I type.

Must be sony vaio vgn nr220e in the circuitry that needs at least 8vdc to allow the laptop to operate. Looks like it is an internal jack issue but it still charges the battery, which is different to the problem already posted. Is this an internal hardware problem? I will update everyone when i get a new connector, I am hoping that the new connector with 14vdc on the center pin may start the sony vaio vgn nr220e charging again.

What is your laptop model?

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-NR – Inside my laptop

Nor does it get discharged. On the Toshiba it is 19v or 3. Maybe your sony vaio vgn nr220e is dead? Lalit July 17, I was also able to do a Restore of the whole disk and get the system working again.

Battery not charging if connector moved

The laptop is not charging though, instead the LED flash is indicating it is getting insufficient power. I flipped up the connector and reinserted the sony vaio vgn nr220e cable, just before I inserted keyboard again.

Cansda7 November 22,