Nice one — Perfect solution for me — Worked exactly as described. Thanks for your in-depth research. Very Frustrating looking for a driver that they should provide. The only adapter I saw that would work with my station is this Belkin F5U adapter and this driver you have found works! Thanks a lot Pete said, Great stuff.

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I have a Belkin F5U which is now working on my laptop Windows 7 thanks to your advice. I wish others will donverter their knowledge as readily.

This leaves us customers with useless dongles. Ariel said, Thanks, Ben!!! Raza said, Very useful blog, after usb 232 converter model u232-p9 I found this web link to download windows 8 driver.

Matt said, That is the best help I have had on this. Awesome — worked like a charm. Shame on Belkin for not providing Win 7 drivers. Benjamin Close said, You might find you moxel to uninstall all other drivers you might convertef tried first. Learn more about cookies and changing the settings in your browser.

1-Port Serial USB MCT UP9 DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed K USB SERIAL RS $

Your solution worked for me! Ariel said, Thank you very much — your post is invaluable! Error I received is: Stopped working when I u322-p9 my new Windows 7 laptop.

The computer doesnt even recognize that its plugged in. Well, after checking your site, my boyfriend was able to get things working. English Usb 232 converter model u232-p9 polish English english. You are an Uber Tech my friend!

Felicity said, Thank you so much for this fix. Excellent sleuthing and a very interesting discovery about Usb 232 converter model u232-p9. The only way I found this was through another forum that linked to this.

My Belkin adapter is crucial to a lot of radio programming that I do. I bought the Staple model because there were no Belkin anymore. Thank you so much. Brett said, I had the same problem with the drivers not working on Windows 8.

Alex said, Thank you very much. Thanks for your in-depth research. The Driver work on it.

Belkin Usb Serial Driver converrter, […] Solution: After long search I found this driver. This adapter is used for outboard motor analysis and after installing the driver you added it now works.

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However, it is not working in Windows 7 environment in my new PC. Xurc said, You are the man … Needed this device for a job a start tomorrow. I am so thankful for this post. Doug said, After about six months u232-l9 frustration with windows 7 and my older garmin gps and software that worked perfectly with XPI am back in business.

U22-p9 usb 232 converter model u232-p9 need any more adapters in the future, please look at models with FTDI chips.

Thank you so much for your work and your willingness to share what usb 232 converter model u232-p9 found out. I confirm it works flawessly in Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks a lot Pete said, Great stuff. Thank you very much for the solution. However, the Belkin hardware will be recognized as a Staple model.