We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Reply You saved my day, or rather my evening. I have 12 WD passport external hardrives. Reply stathis, Thank you for your answer. Reply Thank you so much, Stathis! Other options are to obtain a USB 3. Thank you for sharing your extra efforts on this problem.

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My Passport Essential SE (USB ) | WD Support

Reply Check your cables. Back home, my power supply is W which should provide enough power, so I thought my motherboard may be faulty or it needs a BIOS update, or something similar.

Read more View more posts. Reply I bet you tried hard and I know how it feels; I got similar treatment at the time. Thank you for helping… did not think a Win7 driver would help on Win8. This was western digital usb 3.0 host controller quite frustrating up until now. Answer ID The drive inside your external hard drive, network hard drive, WD TV, or router enclosure may vary depending on application.

Did you uninstall the previous versions? After that, I upgraded the firmware on my drive through the links you provided in this blog.

Reply This might have saved me from a couple of days for research. However, if it worked for you, well it is good to know! If this helps others I tried drivers v 3. Then I went looking again for help. I read on the web that there are software tweaks about this, particularly power options under Windows 7.

Reply Boostland, thanks a lot for the firmware hint. Maybe you can work with this: This is seen with Try the latest version from: No more disconnects after that!

I picked one up as I needed it quickly, but I cannot get the Mac to find the unit to reformat it. I do not know what else to do…. Answer ID Western digital usb 3.0 host controller benchmarking programs to performance specifications for hard drives is not a realistic way of determining if a hard drive is western digital usb 3.0 host controller optimally. This works with no problem.

X will add a Label section to the Drive Settings. Did you try to downgrade it to that described in my blog post above?

ueb Read more Using My Book 3. Read more Differences between USB 3. I must note that I have tried unsuccessfully to locate driver 3. This would at least certainly isolate the problem.

Compatible and Incompatible USB PCIe cards and motherboards for the My Book | WD Support

What is the driver version installed for the controller? Answer ID This answer explains that connecting a single USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, or eSata drive to multiple computers at the same time is unsupported and may cause data corruption.

Try it on each. Thanks a lot… It worked…Cool… I have been breaking my back on this for a long time.

Avoid having other devices plugged on adjacent ports as these may share the power. I must also note that I have emailed Fresco Logic support twice at the beginning ofasking them for information, a fix or comment, but they have not replied, or chose to ignore my email.